The Gallery

The gallery

The gallery shows most of my paintings. They are arranged by subject. As you can see in the gallery, my paintings have various styles. I can’t stick to one way of painting. I have to move on before getting bored. So when a painting is finished I like to try a different style of working. I use acrylics, oils and gouache. I also sometimes use my pastels and draw with my fingers or with the chalks. If you would like to know more about my way of working, see:  the painting process. Feel free to click on the buttons below to move through the gallery. If you like to scroll through all of my paintings: click here.

I paint… it makes me happy!

Please notice that the colours of the original paintings may look different on your computer screen. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I am happy to answer your questions.

To buy a painting, just ask me and I will send it to you. Delivery charge in the Netherlands: € 15,-. For Low budget paintings click here. 

If you would like to buy a painting which is not available anymore, don’t hesitate to ask. I can make a painting on commission.

It is not allowed to copy my paintings without my permission.