Working with Gouache
Painting with gouache means that you will get the brightest colours of all sorts of paint. It will always dissolve, when you paint it over with water or paint. I love using gouache with wallpaper paste and than paint with my hands over the slippery surface.
The Towers. Gouache painting on canvas of a colourful castle with four purple towers with yellow roofs and big green brown stairs leading into one of the towers. By Lia van Elffenbrinck artist.
The Towers
Gouache on canvas, 60x80x4cm.
Not for sale
Confused City. Gouache painting of a colourful city at night with a full yellow moon shining on the roofs. In the front there is water and a bridge. The colours of the buildings are reflecting in the water. canvas 50x70cm. by Lia van Elffenbrinck
Confused City
Gouache on canvas, 50x70cm.
Price: € 1080,
Confused Village. Colourful city, painted with gouache on canvas 50x70cm. by Lia van Elffenbrinck.
Confused Village
Gouache on canvas, 50x70cm.
Not for sale
Ode to Feininger gouache painting of a colourful city, you see various buildings in all shapes and colours by Lia van Elffenbrinck. I made this painting as an hommage to Lional Feininger
Ode to Feininger
Gouache on canvas, 150x100cm.
(five panels of 30x100cm.)
Price: € 1500,-
Stad in de war (made for my daughter)
Gouache on canvas, 50x70cm.
Not for sale