My latest works

Motherhood, acrylic painting in shades of green yellow and blue of a silhouette of a mother with her baby child on her arms


The Spider abstract black and white ink painting.

The Spider

The Age of Aquarius, blue ink painting of a face on a texured white canvas 50x70cm. The face is coming out of the water like aphrodite the water goddess. She also came out of the water.

The Age of Aquarius

Candy Land, abstract oil painting of a very colourful city at the waterside. The city reflects in the water on the front. The sky is ful of coloured clouds.

Candy Land

How to buy a painting

To buy a painting, just ask me and I will send it to you.

Via the contact form please send me the title of the painting and your contact information. I will provide you with an invoice and the payment procedure. You can pay via paypal or bank transfer. After receiving your payment I will ship the painting within two business days.

Please notice that the colours of the original paintings may look different on your computer screen.

When you would like to buy a painting which is not available any more, don’t hesitate to ask. I can make a painting on commission.

Too expensive? Make a reasonable offer! You can also choose a painting from the low budget page.

It is not allowed to copy my paintings without my permission.

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