Design on Commission

I design your creation....
Me, 18 years old) sitting in front of the garage door which I overpainted as a surprise for my parents.

How the design on commission started.

When I was 19 years old, my parents were on vacation and I redesigned their garage door, as a design on commission, because my mother knew about it. So when they got back from their holiday they found a big surprise, because the boring garage door was finally gone and instead a piece of art integrated well  in their beautiful garden.

I do love to paint on wood, on metal, on plastic and whatever else, so contact me or click here if you are tired of your old table or need a great finish for your new creation.

Me, (16 years old) while painting an old milk can for my uncle. He wanted me to paint a rooster on it, so I did.

Once I painted a wobbel balance board (click here). On one side I painted a colourful fantasy city and on the other side I painted a starry night.

Sold by auction for Tipi for Africare. 

Later on I painted one for my grandson who will hopefully wobbel on it all his life to stay in balance.

A growth chart is always a beautiful gift for a newborn child to hang on the wall of a nursery. I painted a colorful city on this growth chart.

I had a nice conversation with the brother of the child who got this growth chart over this painting and all the houses:  What they were doing there, how they got there and what they were thinking. What a fantastic imagination children have and how I enjoyed that conversation!

Oak sign on the wall with an aphorism about hunting.

(“On our hunting ground is so badly lied my shotgun has bent from it”.)

The photo was taken before the sign was varnished.

This is an empty box for my dear son who really didn’t want a present.

When you like to give your beloved friends our family a unique one of a kind present, so ask me, because I can paint it for you!

Two dear friends met on this ship and a few years later they got married. For that occasion I made this painting from the ship Amore Vici for them. The painting is called: “Golden Future” and that really is my wish for them.

Golden Future

Oil painting of peaceful meadow landscape in northern Germany. Oil on canvas, 24x18 cm.

Oil painting of a peaceful meadow landscape in northern Germany. It is the favorite spot of a dear friend, because she often walks there to gain energy and

to get distance

from the daily activities. I once painted this special place for her, so she can see it, when she does not have time to go there or when it rains.


How Eiga got into the Snow globe

I decided to paint my grandson’s favorite toy from last year into a snowglobe. I gave it to him as a Christmas present.

I hope to do so every year.

Do you also like to get a painting of your child’s or grandchild’s favorite toy into a snowglobe? Send me a photograph of the favorite toy and I can paint it for you. For more information and costs, click here.

2017  “Eiga”

Eiga. This is the painting of the cuddly toy which I be painted in the snowglobe.
Eiga .

2018  “Broom”

Broom. This is the painting of the favorite toy which I painted in the snowglobe.
The Broom

2019  “Medical Kit”

Medical Kit. This is the painting of the favorite toy which I painted in the snowglobe.
The Medical Kit

2019  “Mobile”

Mobile. This is the painting of the favorite toy which I painted in the snowglobe.
The Mobile
Johnny Cash

The silhouette of my son’s favorite artist painted on a plate: Johnny Cash.

You can also have your design on commission!