Me, 18 years old) sitting in front of the garage door which I overpainted as a surprise for my parents.

Why Commissions?

Why I do commissions arose when I was 19 years old, and my parents were on vacation. I redesigned their garage door. So when they got back from their holiday they found a big surprise. The boring garage door was finally gone and instead a piece of art integrated well in their beautiful garden. I do love to paint on wood, on metal, on plastic and whatever else. So contact me or click here if you are tired of your old table or need a great finish for your new creation.

I can do it!

Me, 18 years old) sitting in front of the garage door which I overpainted as a surprise for my parents.

When you would like to buy a painting which is not available any more,

don’t hesitate to ask.

I can make a painting on commission.

Please notice that the colours of the original paintings may look different on your computer screen.

To buy a painting, just ask me and I will send it to you. Delivery charge in the Netherlands: € 15,-. For Low budget paintings click here. 

What is the procedure?

  • My paintings are available in different shapes and sizes, but I also do commissions for paintings or design. For example, are you looking for a suitable painting for your new home, or perhaps for the office, or the waiting room? I would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. I can also come by with a painting to see or feel how my work looks in your room.
  • Suppose your friends are getting married or they have built a new home. You and your friends can give them a great one of a kind personal present. They will always think of you. Especially when they have built a house, they didn’t have the time to think about what should hang on their walls. It will be a highlight in their new home.
  • I make paintings which are different from what you can buy in a store. They are one of a kind, very unique. In addition, it is precisely tailored to your wishes.
  • It has to fit with my art. If you like my style, you can trust me
  •  I don’t do portraits.
  • Delivery time: about 14 to 28 days depending on the size.
  • Payment: After your order and your deposit of 50%, I start working on your painting. You pay the rest once you have approved a photo of the work.
  • To start working on your wedding gift or dedication gift I need to know the preferred sizes. Tell me what color is important and what should be the most important subject on the painting. For inspiration please look on my gallery.
  • I would like to know the names, the wedding date, the date of birth or the initiation date, or a picture of something that is important to the couple or has symbolic value for them. Then I could write it on the edge of the painting or put it otherwise into the painting. It could be almost unreadable, so that the painting remains abstract, or obvious, it is up to you. I decide myself what will be integrated into the painting. You just have to trust me in that. Three to five symbols will do to integrate into the painting. To use more symbols mostly doesn’t work. I could also symbolically give place to the number of family members as dashes or little figures or in another way.
  • As soon as I have finished the painting you will receive a photo of it. If you want a little change, please let me know. I will send you another photo. Once you are completely satisfied with the painting it will be shipped. I do not send drafts.
  • Information on Wikipedia about commissions.